Auditing Services

We provide Auditing Services in the following areas:

  1. Statutory Audit under the Companies Act.
  2. Statutory Audit under the Limited Liability Partnership Act.
  3. Voluntary Audit under the Limited Liability Partnership Act.

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Accounts outsourcing

We provide the following Accounts Out-sourcing services:

  1. Customized Spread-sheet based Accounting or Accounting Driven by Specialized Accounting Packages.
  2. Preparation of Accounting and Financial modules.

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Business Set-up Services

Business Set-up or Business Registration is the first step that you take in business. We aim to ensure that you face no hiccups in this first step as we strongly believe that ‘Well begun is half done’.

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Business Restructuring

At times, Business re-structuring becomes inevitable for various reasons related to growth and survival. Business Re-structuring aims to synergize the strengths of the individual components so that the collective strength is greater than the sum of individual strengths.

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Direct and Indirect Taxations

Direct and Indirect taxations are one of the most important financial factors to be considered for any business. These decisions are crucial to the Cash Flow of the business.

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Transfer Pricing

Transfer pricing is the process of setting transfer prices between associated enterprises or related parties where at least one of the related parties is a non-resident. Transfer Price is the price at which an enterprise transfers goods and services,

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Other Services

  1. Registration under the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Act, 2006
  2. Consultancy under the Foreign Exchange Laws of the Country
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Welcome to the online world of Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants.

'Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants' is a well-established Indian Chartered Accountant firm having its main office at Mumbai, the financial capital of India. It was established by CA Bhavesh Savla.

The main focus area of our Chartered Accountant Firm is to help both Indians and Foreigners to set up corporate business entities in India. This involves not only the actual Incorporation process but also advice on entry in India, advice regarding implications of the laws regarding the Foreign Exchange Rules, Foreign Direct Investment policies of the Indian Government. For Indian residents, we offer efficient and cost-effective Incorporation services.

Post Incorporation, we offer our expertise in many issues involving but not limited to Accountancy, Internal and Statutory Audit, Direct as well as Indirect Taxes. For more details, please see our Services page.

One concept that we believe in strongly is ‘Enjoy whatever you do’ and ‘Keep Smiling’. This ensures that each and every person in our firm displays almost a child-like enthusiasm in each work they do. Each and every person adds a bit of innovation in the work they do each time. The Clients shall not only admire the output but also enjoy our process of work.

Today, we serve corporate and Non-corporate entities based in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh etc, covering important cities like Mumbai and Greater Mumbai Districts, Thane and Navi-Mumbai Districts, Nagpur, Jalandhar, Secunderabad, Rajkot etc. We serve our Clients who are engaged in business activities like Information Technology, Logistics, Trading and Manufacturing, Education, Financial Advisory Services etc.

We invite you to take a tour of our site and subsequently post your views, comments and suggestions.

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