Our Services

Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants shall be pleased to provide any or more of the following Services in our usual professional manner of working:

Auditing Services
We provide Auditing Services in the following areas:

  1. Statutory Audit under the Companies Act for Private Limited and Public Limited Companies
  2. Statutory Audit under the Limited Liability Partnership Act
  3. Voluntary Audit under the Limited Liability Partnership Act
  4. Audit under the Maharashtra Value Added Tax Act
  5. Audit under Section 44 AB of the Income Tax Act (Tax Audit)
  6. Audit of stock brokers under SEBI Guidelines
  7. Audit of Banks under the Reserve Bank of India Guidelines
  8. Specific audit mandate of books, systems and procedures as required by the Management.

We believe that an audit is not merely to present reports or to take a view but apart from these main objectives, an audit is also an occasion to set right systemic deficiencies and to guide towards an annual report or annual financials which are a better representation of an entity’s performance and financial health.

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