For Startups

We, at Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants are entrepreneurs at heart and being entrepreneurs ourselves have a soft corner for entrepreneurs and start-ups. That is why this page is dedicated for you and your dear business. At Bhavesh K. Savla, Chartered Accountants, we recognize your needs specifically because we are ourselves an SME, aspiring to grow and expand.

We can help Start-ups and SMEs in the following respects:

  1. Corporatisation and Making your liability limited
    Most SMEs and start-ups prefer to run as a sole proprietorship or a partnership. The Concept of Limited Liability is a much under appreciated concept; especially for SMEs. With Corporatisation, your liability towards your Creditors and even your customers becomes limited to the extent of business assets only. God forbid, but suppose any unfortunate event does occur, in your business, your home and personal assets like jewellery, home, personal investments etc. are protected. Till sometime back, the only option for a corporate vehicle was to form a Limited Company (Public/private). But now with the introduction of Limited Liability Partnership Bill (LLP), the concept of a Limited Liability Partnership has become a reality. LLP is actually a hybrid structure capturing the benefits of both a normal partnership firm and a limited Company.

  2. Customized Accounting and Compliance Solutions
    When you outsource your Accounts, taxation and other compliances to us, you get the best of both worlds – expert and up-dated advice and service as well as savings in costs. You don’t need to hire an in-house accountant unless your operations reach a particular level. We offer various registration and compliance related services for Income Taxes, Value Added Taxes, Professional Taxes, Service Taxes etc.

  3. SSI Registration (now known as Registration under the Small and Medium Enterprises Act, 2006.
    We offer SSI Registration (both Part –I and Part –II) in the districts of Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai. SSI Registration has its own unique benefits like reduction in interest rates, eligibility for various Government schemes, better cash recovery under the MSME Act, 2006. We also offer NSIC Registration for manufacturers.

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